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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cookbook of the Month

In an effort to try and better utilize my ever growing collection of cookbooks, I've decided to start a "Cookbook of the Month." I'm going to challenge myself to make at least three recipes from the cookbook in that month and blog about them. So, for September and the first Cookbook of the Month, I've chosen my Food Network Kitchens cookbook. I got this as a present at one of my bridal showers and have really only used it for one recipe up until now -- Peruvian Roasted Chicken which will be my first blog entry from this cookbook. I've chosen one other recipe I've been dying to make from it, then will have Zach choose the last one to round out the three picks for this month.

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Jackie said...

That's so funny, because in the past week, I literally decided to do the same thing! I have so many cookbooks, but don't get the chance to work through them ... and I keep adding to my collection :) I've recruited some of my friends too to help cook up some of the recipes to test them out. I look forward to seeing how yours goes!