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Monday, February 6, 2012

Time for a change!

If you are reading this on our blog (and not through a reader) you will notice a new name up at the top of the screen.  We've decided to change up the name of our blog -- What's Brewing in the Kitchen!  We wanted to highlight a hobby Zach has picked up in the past few years, homebrewing.  I got him a basic homebrewing kit for his birthday two years ago and since then he has made over twelve batches of delicious, delicious beer.  He's been having fun experimenting with great flavor combinations, taking a basic extract kit and adding different spices, fruits, even other alcohols (bourbon stout anyone?) to put his own twist on them.  What's an extract kit? you ask, well, Zach will be joining in the posting fun to describe the brewing process and give some insight into his beer creations.  Look for his posts about twice a month, some beer-focused Fridays to get you ready for your weekends.  I'm excited to bring another topic to our blog and to have a posting partner!  


Katie said...

Very exciting!!! My husband has started brewing in the past year. I'll be excited to follow you guys on your homebrewing journey!

Amy said...

Thanks! His first post will be this Friday! I definitely think that might have been the best gift I ever got him -- it practically guarantees a continuous supply of beer for life! :-)