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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First post!

This is my first blog post - yay!  I am very excited to get this blog up and running after creating it a few months ago and then just thinking about it.  I mostly wanted to start this as a food blog.  We are constantly trying out new recipes and meals and wanted a place to record our trials -- both successful and not so much.  We are a newly married couple living in Upstate NY.  We're huge fans of the Food Network and specifically chose our honeymoon spot (Las Vegas) to have amazing, fancy restaurants to dine in.  When we were planning our wedding I was a frequent visitor (okay, addict!) of and now I love reading the 'What's Cooking?' board on to get new ideas and be inspired by other nesties.  We love attempting new recipes and improving on old ones.  This will be our virtual cookbook where we can pull together all our favorite dishes from all our favorite chefs.  We hope you enjoy!

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i love food