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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spring Green Risotto: Barefoot Bloggers

This is the first recipe from the Barefoot Bloggers group for the month of May.  I was a bit hesitant about it since, even though I LOVE risotto, the veggies and flavors were not ones I typically use.  It would not be a recipe I'd normally choose.  But, then I figured that was half the point of joining the group right?  I wanted to be inspired/pushed to try new recipes.  So I made a few substitutions and it turned out really yummy!  I used 4 cups of leeks and omitted the fennel.  Neither Zach or I like fennel, and I really don't like anise flavors in general.  I do not like peas, so we only added them at the end to Zach's bowl.  I was a little wary of the strong lemon flavor profile, since I'm not usually a fan of citrus based sauces or dishes, but it ended up being very good!  We also got to use some of our homegrown fresh chives, so that was fun too. 

chosen by Kimberly from Indulge & Enjoy

Unfortunately this will be my only recipe for May, as the other one was for a shrimp dish.  I don't eat shrimp, and we never had time this month to fit it onto the menu for a Zach-only meal.  I can't wait to see what's posted for June though!


nicolesspirit878 said...

New follower and I really liek your blog. I'm a fan of cooking and always looking for realistic meal ideas. Looking forward to more post!

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