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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cowboy Cookies: BAKED Sunday Mornings

I was a bad blogger and skipped out on the last BAKED Sunday Mornings recipe.  This time of year is my very busiest at school and I had so much going on I had no time for 'extra' cooking.  But I'm back in the game for this recipe.  These are called Cowboy Cookies, but as the description in the book says, there's no real reason they are associated with cowboys.  They are basically oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (which are some of my favorites -- when you put a whole grain like oatmeal in, then you can try and convince yourself that the cookies are healthy!) with the addition of salty, crunchy bits of pretzels.  Being someone who adds salt to just about everything, even watermelon and buttered toast, I welcomed the pretzels. 

The cookies are delicious!  Chewy and chocolaty and salty, and with that bit of oatmeal you can count them towards your whole grain count for the day.  ;-)  I didn't read the recipe thoroughly beforehand and therefore did not realize the dough should be chilled for 4 hours prior to baking.  I didn't really have time for that on a weeknight, so I let them chill about an hour and a half and went for it.  I knew it meant they would spread a bit, but I was okay with the consequences.  I could taste the bit of coffee in the dough, but not in the final cookie.  They are a great variation on the basic chocolate chip cookie and we'll definitely be making them again.  

Head on over to BAKED Sunday Mornings to see everyone else's cookies and to get the recipe!


Bourbonnatrix said...

salt on buttered toast? really? :) i too love the sweet and salty combo! great post, and great pic! your cookies look great!

Bri said...

I think this was a great recipe for you to jump back into the group with! Loved these cookies!

Melissa @ Melissa Bakes said...

These look awesome!!

Candy Girl said...

Great job!