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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 when I'm 30

I've seen this idea on a few blogs now, elly says opa!, APPLE A DAY and Beantown Baker are three I've enjoyed following.  I've decided to take on the idea as my 30th birthday arrives.  

I had a lot of fun making the list, and I hope to have even more fun making all the new dishes.  I used the three lists linked above as a starting point, but some are things I've wanted to try for awhile, some are more basic than others, and some are challenges I can't wait to take on.  I especially like the idea of trying to make more things from scratch.  Yes, marshmallows and mayonnaise are cheap and easy to buy, but I want to try making them myself.

There are a few dishes here I also want to try for myself -- tiramisu, tamales, swedish meatballs for example, that I usually order in restaurants but want to attempt making at home.  There are also a good number of breads on the list, again getting back to my idea of making things from scratch.  Zach and I recently listened to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and it was a good reminder that many things are simple to make at home instead of buying, and that with a little time we can probably have a much better product.  Cheese is on my list mainly because of that book, and it's also why I added pasta and bacon, thinking of how I can make more items from scratch in my own kitchen.  

Some things are on the list because I have always loved my mom's version and haven't attempted to make them myself thinking I'll never get it quite as good as hers.  Angel food cake and beef stroganoff being the first two that jump to mind.  Some others are on the list because they are foods Zach enjoys and I want to try making them for him, pho, mole and paella are in that category. 

So, here is my list of 30 things to make while I am 30, to be started on November 17th.  I don't expect much progress to be made in the first few months with the holidays approaching, we tend to do a lot of traveling during that time. Most will probably be accomplished over my school breaks, expect a lot of posts next summer!

1.  Marshmallows
2.  Tiramisu
3.  Pho
4.  Tamales
5.  Mole
6.  French Onion Soup
7.  Cheese
8.  Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza
9.  Pasta
10.  Some sort of Asian dumpling, egg roll, won-ton, spring roll, etc.
11.  English Muffins
12.  Angel Food Cake
13.  Swedish Meatballs
14.  Empanadas
15.  An alcohol item, either a kahula or bailey's style liqueur, or to take over Zach's homebrewing equipment to make my own beer or hard cider.
16.  Salt Crusted something, I've seen great recipes for beef and fish.
17.  Mayonnaise
18.  Gnocchi
19.  Tres Leches Cake
20.  Focaccia 
21.  Homemade Vanilla
22.  Bacon
23.  Sourdough Bread
24.  Beef Stroganoff
25.  Pita Bread or Naan
26.  A Scallop dish, I've recently discovered a love of scallops!
27.  Find a great cut-out cookie and decorate them
28.  Paella
29.  German Apple Pancake
30.  Tortillas

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