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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Double-Chocolate Loaf with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Spread: BAKED Sunday Mornings Rewind

The selected recipe for this week was Carrot-Coconut Scones with Citrus Glaze.  The flavors didn't really interest either Zach or myself and there are a few recipes the group completed before I joined that I knew we would definitely enjoy so I chose to do a rewind post.  From the very first time I opened Baked Explorations I knew it wouldn't be long before I made this double-chocolate bread.  I'm weird because I don't particularly like peanuts, but I do love peanut butter, and especially peanut butter combined with chocolate.  

This bread was delicious, very rich and moist.  I do find that generally I need to add on 10+ minutes to the baking times from the book.  I added on 15 minutes to the high end of the range given for this bread and I think I went 5 minutes too far.  The outside was quite crisp, perhaps a little too dry, but it certainly won't keep us from eating it!  Next time I'd just add on 10 minutes though.  Overall it's quite good and, as the book says, a great excuse to have chocolate for breakfast!  I really enjoyed the peanut butter cream cheese spread, but Zach said he felt it was overwhelmed by the super chocolately-ness of the bread and didn't really add much for him.  He'd rather have it plain.  

If you head over to the old post on BAKED Sunday Mornings you can see how everyone else's loaves turned out and get the recipe.  


Candy Girl said...

I made the scones this week, which were awesome, but also made this bread. It was fantastic! Your's looks great too!

mike509 said...

What a great loaf of bread! That was a hit - along with the scones. So many great recipes in that book! Happy Sunday!

Bourbonnatrix said...

the scones this week were my first post with you guys, but i just might have to go make that one too! looks really yummy!

Renee, Your Sweet Tooth Therapist said...

I'm with you Bourbonnatrix - The scones are my first post, but this loaf is looking pretty tempting.

Kris' Kitchen said...

Oh, I love this bread and must make it again many wonderful things to try I just keep moving on, but I will go back to this one. I was dreaming about it just yesterday. Nice to see it again in your photo.