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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Early last year, in a set of unknown circumstances, I made Zach a scarf.  I have no idea how or why I came up with the idea except that I probably wanted to try and revive some of my dormant craft habits.  So, after a few short refresher lessons from my mom, I started crocheting a scarf for Zach.  While being totally great and warm and awesome, it ended up rather large, as I used two rolls of yarn.  Oops.  Oh well, it lookes good with some of his coats, but with others it's just too much scarf.  

In any event, next up was my sister-in-law Sarah and I made one for her birthday.  I gave it a break over the summer and then made another one for my other sister-in-law Becca's birthday in October.  Then I got the great idea to make them for the women members of our families for Christmas.  I made five scarves all together.  Here are three of them before being wrapped up.

I *think* I use a basic single stitch.  I am not really sure, I just do whatever my mom taught me.  Sometime soon I want to get a "Learn to Crochet" book so I can figure exactly what it is I am doing, and to learn more.  Next up is a scarf for me (finally!) then a shorter one for Zach.  I am also going to try a bandana type scarf for my dog-in-law, we'll see how that works out.  I'd love to be able to try out a few blankets too and one of my goals is to make baby blankets for when my close friends and relatives start having babies.  

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