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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coconut Cupcakes: Barefoot Bloggers

The first February recipe was Coconut Cupcakes.  I must admit I had mixed feelings upon seeing the recipe choice.  Zach and I had just started eating healthier and using the Weight Watchers program to drop a few pounds, so seeing this recipe with all the butter and sugar and cream cheese didn't exactly fit in with our plan to minimize temptations.  But, then I realized I was hosting a work meeting soon, and it would be a great opportunity to make the cupcakes and have one or two, but let someone else eat the majority of them!  So, these are a bit late (yes, almost a month!) since I wanted to make them for this meeting, so we wouldn't end up eating them all.  The people at the meeting really enjoyed them, several asked for teh recipe, and with still more leftover I sent them into with Zach to work.  I LOVED the cupcake recipe, and the combination of vanilla and almond flavors, they were moist and delicious.  I also loved the frosting, again with the vanilla and almond combination, a favorite in my family.  I really like the flavor of coconut (Malibu rum is one of my favorite spirits) but not so much the texture of shredded coconut.  So, I will definitely keep the recipe, minus the coconut as a great basic white cupcake and frosting.  

chosen by Jamie of Jamie’s Green Kitchen.

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