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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Salt and Pepper Sandwich Cookies: BAKED Sunday Mornings

These cookies are BAKED's version of oreos.  They have white pepper and fluer de sel hence the name salt and pepper cookies.  The pepper surprised me.  I thought it would be a much more obvious flavor note in the cookies, but it's just a little spice that kicks in towards the end of a bite.  It almost makes you think of nutmeg, since the white pepper is a much more milder in terms of heat/spiciness.  It rounds the cookie out nicely though.  The filing is very comparable to the oreo filing in terms of texture and flavor.  The salt on top is a nice finish to the cookie.  But, I almost always prefer salty snacks to sweet ones, so I tend to enjoy that savory note in sweets. 

Visit BAKED Sunday Mornings to see the complete recipe and everyone else's opinions of the cookie!


Candy said...

Gorgeous cookies! I'm really starting to enjoy savory notes in sweets.

Kris' Kitchen said...

Very pretty cookies...they kept their shape much better than mine. Good job!

Rebecca said...

Those look really great! Glad to know you enjoyed them.

mike509 said...

How terrific! I love the variations in your shapes - and so professional looking. Mine spread a bit and weren't as "sharp" on the edges. But still delicious - I'm with you - the salt goes so well with the white pepper!

Roadtrek Girl said...

I loved the filling, couldn't stop eating it and didn't think I would have enough for the cookies ! Yours turned out sweet !

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